Which Type of Piano Do I Need?

Which Type of Piano Do I Need?
Everyone knows that there are many different types of guitars. No one would expect an electric guitar to sound the same as an acoustic guitar. People often, however, forget that this same logic applies to pianos. Not all pianos are the same. That is very important to understand when it comes time to buy a new piano.
Different pianos will serve different various purposes better than other pianos which are better equipped for other purposes. It is very important to readily understand the various different styles of pianos and how they can help you achieve what you want to achieve. Furthemore, while some types of pianos may sound very similar, it is very important to understand the differences that they hold.

Technological Pianos 
While the piano is an incredibly classic instrument, various styles of pianos have changed and adapted to find their place in the twenty first century. One such type of piano is the self playing piano. This style of piano tends to be a favorite in shopping malls or other major gathering places. As it can be assumed, with a self playing piano, no one needs to be pressing on the keys to make music that everyone can enjoy.

This cannot, however, be confused with an electric piano. An electric piano is one that is connected to the computer. The computer helps to dictate what sounds are made when they keys are pressed.

Another similar sounding yet incredibly different style of piano is the virtual piano. It is a web software that dictates the various sounds that a keyboard makes. Depending on your specific needs, one of these more technologically advanced styles of pianos may be just what you need.

Classic Pianos
While the technological pianos may seem tempting and exciting, there are many various forms of classical pianos as well. This, of course, includes the likely most famous style of piano, the grand piano. The grand piano is a piano that really focuses its efforts on making big, space filling sounds. That is why they are mostly geared towards concert halls and rehearsal spaces.
 While it may be tempting to jump right into purchasing a grand piano, it may not be the best fit for your home. Your home may be, instead, better suited with an upright style of piano. These pianos still create music in the traditional sense, but they are smaller than a grand piano and may fit more comfortably in your home.
Make it Your Own
 Whatever piano that it is that you end up getting, you need to make sure that it is the right piano for you. There are always options that will help you keep it as personalized as possible. This includes various different exciting colors that will allow your piano to be a unique focal point in your home alongside making beautiful live music. You need to understand the sound that you want to be hearing, the piano you want to be looking at, and your personal intentions for the piano before selecting the style of piano that you want.